SAGA jewelry

Big Heart Pendant

Silver on silk cord or rolo chain

SGD 315
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Handcrafted in Bali

How big is your love? This pendant features a large, beautifully detailed silver heart suspended on your choice of a high-quality black silk cord or our signature Rolo chain mixed in gold and silver.

The pendant itself measures an impressive size, making a bold statement and ensuring that all eyes are on you. The heart, with each curve and edge polished to perfection, features the S·AGA logo on one side and is plain on the other.

The black silk cord, with its soft and luxurious texture, is comfortable to wear, and its adjustable length allows for a customized fit and style. The cord is adorned with customized handcrafted silver drops on each end.

Also available with our Signature Rolo Chain in a mixture of silver and gold