SAGA jewelry

Small Heart Pendant

925 Sterling Silver

IDR 2,200,000
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Handcrafted in Bali

This pendant features a small, beautifully detailed silver heart suspended on a high-quality black silk cord. The heart pendant features the SAGA logo on one side and is plain on the other.

The black silk cord is comfortable to wear, and its adjustable length allows for a customized fit and style. The cord is adorned with customized handcrafted silver drops on each end.

Also available with our Signature Rolo Chain in a mixture of silver and gold.

Community reviews


I adore my new heart necklace! The silk cord is just the right length and I love the silver details on the tips. It goes well with any of my outfits.
I wear it every day 🥰


Really like my new necklace. The silk cord is super comfy and the heart is just perfect.


I was seeking a birthday gift for myself, something to serve as a constant reminder of self-importance. Now, the heart is always on my neck like a precious talisman.